I live in Istanbul/TURKEY and working with Anadolubank.,I am Unix & Backup & Storage Admin in this company. My responsibilities are IBM Power Hardware(E850,P780,P770, etc.),IBM AIX,Tivoli Storage Manager,IBM Tape Libraries,Hitachi VSP and IBM DS8100 Storage.

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TSM LAN FREE Backup Configuration

1) TSM Storage Agent for client with same level fix according to the TSM server 2) TSM server Side Configuration 3) Tape library device driver’s installation on client side for sharing library 4) Environment considerations for LAN free Backup 5) TSM storage Agent Configuration on client side 6) TSM storage Agent Initialization Steps: 1) Server…

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Telnet Service status

To start the telnetd daemon, type the following: startsrc  -t telnet This command starts the telnetd subserver. To stop the telnetd daemon normally, type the following: stopsrc  -t telnet This command allows all pending connections to start and existing connections to complete but prevents new connections from starting. To force stop the telnetd daemon and all telnetd…

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How to see ent status?

# entstat -d ent4 | grep -e “External-Network Switch-Port Operational State” ETHERNET STATISTICS (ent0) : External-Network Switch-Port Operational State: Up External-Network-Switch (ENS) Port Speed: 1000 Mbps / 1 Gbps, Full Duplex VLAN Extract: False VLAN tagged filtering mode: Filter according to VLAN permit array Max number of VLAN IDs per HEA port: 20…

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LPAR2RRD Agent Installation

Prerequisites Perl interpreter (AIX usually contains it) and preferably a user account on each LPAR. Opened TCP communication between each LPAR and LPAR2RRD server on port 8162. Connections are initiated from LPARs. Additional disk space on LPAR2RRD server (about 40MB per each monitored LPAR) Agent – client installation Agent RPM builds can be found here…

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LPAR2RRD Upgrade

install a new version via update.sh script # su – lpar2rrd (if the tool is running under lpar2rrd user) $ tar xvf lpar2rrd-4.XX.tar $ cd lpar2rrd-4.XX $ sh ./update.sh $ cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd start the tool and check whether there are errors $ ./load.sh…

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There is a request to a device or address that does not exist

lpar01> mount /emre mount: 0506-324 Cannot mount /dev/emre_lv on /emre: There is a request to a device or address that does not exist. Firstly you have to look vg. lpar01> lspv hdisk0          00f62a6c98758859                    rootvg          active hdisk1          00f62a6ca2279d3e                    swap            active hdisk2          00f62a6cdf8874f5                    emrevg hdisk3          00f62a6cdf8875ff                    emrevg Then lpar01> varyonvg emre_vg lpar01> mount /emre…

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