I live in Istanbul/TURKEY and working with Anadolubank.,I am Unix & Backup & Storage Admin in this company. My responsibilities are IBM Power Hardware(E850,P780,P770, etc.),IBM AIX,Tivoli Storage Manager,IBM Tape Libraries,Hitachi VSP and IBM DS8100 Storage.

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Delete Volume content

If you want to delete specific volume content, you will do this steps; Firstly you should query volume; tsm: TSM>q content K00011M4 Node Name           Type     Filespace      FSID     Client’s Name for File Name —————     —-     ———-     —-     ————————————– AhmetPC              Bkup     /specialfolder  10     /specialfolder/ahmet.txt EmrePC               Bkup     /specificfolder 10     /specificfolder/emre.txt Then delete command; tsm: TSM>delete volume K00011M4 discarddata=yes…

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Crontab in AIX

Crontab Configuration Minute [0,59] Hour [0,23] Day of the month [1,31] Month of the year [1,12] Day of the week ([0,6] with 0 or 7 =Sunday) Example: Clean up core files every weekday morning at 3:15 am: 15 3 * * 1-5 find $HOME -name core 2>/dev/null | xargs rm -f…

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ksh: /usr/bin/rm: 0403-027 The parameter list is too long

AIX complains when you try to remove a whole bunch of files. Usually this happens because the parameter list in as the arguments of the command exceeds its limits. To overcome this restrictions you can follow three different methods The files which we are dealing with are of the following format sysaix.2014-01-14_21:48:52 sysaix.2014-01-14_21:48:52x sysaix.2014-01-14_21:48:52xx sysaix.2014-01-14_21:48:52xxx…

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TSM LAN FREE Backup Configuration

1) TSM Storage Agent for client with same level fix according to the TSM server 2) TSM server Side Configuration 3) Tape library device driver’s installation on client side for sharing library 4) Environment considerations for LAN free Backup 5) TSM storage Agent Configuration on client side 6) TSM storage Agent Initialization Steps: 1) Server…

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Telnet Service status

To start the telnetd daemon, type the following: startsrc  -t telnet This command starts the telnetd subserver. To stop the telnetd daemon normally, type the following: stopsrc  -t telnet This command allows all pending connections to start and existing connections to complete but prevents new connections from starting. To force stop the telnetd daemon and all telnetd…

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How to see ent status?

# entstat -d ent4 | grep -e “External-Network Switch-Port Operational State” ETHERNET STATISTICS (ent0) : External-Network Switch-Port Operational State: Up External-Network-Switch (ENS) Port Speed: 1000 Mbps / 1 Gbps, Full Duplex VLAN Extract: False VLAN tagged filtering mode: Filter according to VLAN permit array Max number of VLAN IDs per HEA port: 20…

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