You can use “q occ nodename” command to calculate active data per node.This command result show node data have which storage pool.


This method is applicable to all currently supported versions of Tivoli Storage Manager server, and will use the export command. To determine how much active data a client node has backed up to a Tivoli Storage Manager server, use the following syntax:


This will search the Tivoli Storage Manager databases for matches and report back in the activity log the number of objects and total size of the active data objects in the Tivoli Storage Manager server for a given node or nodes.

Starting with version 5.4 of the Tivoli Storage Manager server, the below command will provide the same information at a storage pool level provided Active Data pools have been setup and exist:

COPY ACTIVEDATA <primarypoolname> <activepoolname> PREVIEW=YES

Note: These commands can be lengthy and resource intensive tasks for the Tivoli Storage Manager server to perform. It is suggested that they be run during non-peak Tivoli Storage Manager usage hours. If necessary they can be canceled with a CANCEL PROCESS command.


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