New major enhancements:

  • VMware support.
  • CPU Workload Estimator is enhanced about SMT rPerf details.
    It allows more accurate estimations based on SMT setting of target and source systems.
  • Custom Groups are enhanced about “set of custom groups”.
    This allows grouping of custom groups in sets of them.
  • Heatmap feature has been introduced for CPU and Memory (IBM Power & VMware).
  • OS agent
    • IBM i agent with many perfomance metrics from the OS (postponed, expected release Nov 2015)
    • new metric: response times per FCS and vSCSI adapters
    • data (SAN) and IO per second throughput (SAN IO) have been enhanced about vSCSI adapter statistics
  • Alerting thresholds can be specified in “%
  • Dashboard sharing: possibility to export dashboard setting and import it whenever else
  • and many other smaler enahncements in the GUI and back-end.