Before I deploy AIX on PowerVC,but ı cant connect over ssh. because It hasnt got any ip.I have a problem on my activation engine.Login on your new AIX client,

cat /opt/ibm/ae/AR/

I saw this comments in  this log.

                <ProductActivation class="">
                        <Execution kind="self" status="Skipped" status-detail="No properties"/>

If you see this commands,

rm /opt/ibm/ae/AP/*
cp /opt/ibm/ae/AS/vmc-network-restore/resetenv /opt/ibm/ae/AP/ovf-env.xml
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java5/jre
/opt/ibm/ae/ --reset

The second step,start your aix client on hmc.It resolved.

PS: Check your virtual network ID, It should same ID on your VIOS virtual adapter ID.


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