Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 Now Available


Redhat announced the latest update to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 platform.For nearly eight years, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has carried most of custormers critical infrastructure because of the stability, reliability, and platform security that it can offer to the modern enterprise.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 marks the transition from the Maintenance Support 1 lifecycle phase to the Maintenance Support 2 phase. In order to help provide customers with a stable environment for the remainder of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 lifecycle, only critical security fixes and business-impacting urgent issues have been addressed. Examples include the addition of retpoline-based mitigations for the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities, an updated GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), and rebased gcc-libraries packages.

This release also includes a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 base image to help enterprises more easily migrate Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 workloads into container-based applications. These cloud-native workloads can then be deployed and maintained on a more modern platform, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.


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