IBM announces the following schedule to help you plan for future upgrades to your AIX operating system. These plans are subject to change without notice.

AIX Technology Levels are supported for how to, usage, and problem identification for the entire life of the release. However, all Technology Levels have a limited support window for corrective service. If a fix is needed, you may be required to upgrade to a more current Technology Level to receive generally available fixes or interim fixes. IBM recommends you take a moment to verify your current service level. Simply run the ‘oslevel -r’ command.

AIX 7.1 Technology Level 3 (7100-03)

After November 30, 2017, IBM will no longer provide generally available fixes or interim fixes for new defects on systems at AIX 7100-03. This applies to all Service Packs within TL3. Please plan to upgrade to a newer Technology Level at your earliest convenience.

Best Practices

Having a good service strategy for maintaining your AIX operating system is one way to keep your system fully operational. IBM provides strategy planning advice at the Power support site at Look for the Best Practices link to find valuable guidance information including such documents as the IBM AIX Operating System Service Strategy Details and Best Practices.


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