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Backing up the NIM database

you can write a script and put your crontab. So your backup is ok. /usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_backup_db /export/backup/nimbackup rcp /export/backup/nimbackup root@****:/****/AIX_Backup/nim_mksysb_backups/

NIM Inventory

when you need to collect inventory on your client machines,you use this command. niminv -o invcmp -a targets=NIMCLIENT -a base=master -a location=/tmp/inventory Comparison of master to NIMCLIENT...

error: remote value passed, ’00C4B8374C00′, does not match environment value ’00F82D774C00

on nimclient in /var/adm/ras/nimsh.log: error: remote value passed, '00C4B8374C00', does not match environment value '00F82D774C00 you should see this error.So your nim master gives an error 0042-001...

NIM Bosinst error: LED 611: failure: mount

If you got the error LED 611: failure: mount, it means the lpar was unable to mount that specific nfs mount and most probably...

0042-207 m_mkbosi: Unable to allocate the exclude resource to [machine]

Always check the following: # lsnim -l if you see already allocated resources like spot or mksysb image, then you must the machine and...

Patching CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 on AIX via NIM (bash bug aka shellshock)

Below I detail how I patched over 800 AIX LPAR’s that were exposed by CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 , also known as shellshock, using...

NIM mksysb image – Exclude Files

Maybe your mksysb image is too large.For this reason you want to exclude some files. You should do this steps 1) On the client create a...

/etc/niminfo content -NIM

If you want to try backup your AIX clients on Network Installiation Manager(NIM),you must edit niminfo file on your NIM Client.

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