NIM mksysb image – Exclude Files


Maybe your mksysb image is too large.For this reason you want to exclude some files.

You should do this steps

1) On the client create a file: touch /etc/exclude
2) edit /etc/exclude on the client with the files you
want to exclude from the mksysb
3) Create an exclude_files nim resource on the master:
nim -o define -t exclude_files -a server=<client> -a
location=/etc/exclude exclude
4) Create mksysb from the client using the exclude file:
nim -o define -t mksysb
-a server=master
-a location=/export/mksysb/test_mksysb
-a source=<client>
-a mk_image=yes -a mksysb_flags=X
-a exclude_files=exclude test_mksysb

lsnim -l exclude

class       = resources
type        = exclude_files
Rstate      = ready for use
prev_state  = unavailable for use
location    = /etc/exclude
alloc_count = 0
server      = emreserver

nim -o define -t mksysb -aserver=master -a mk_image=yes -a exclude_files=exclude  -alocation=$MKSYSB_DIR/$filename -asource=tsmserver $filename




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