Lets Compare Commands between AIX and Linux

Common System Files

Password file/etc/passwd/etc/passwd
Encrypted password file/etc/security/passwd/etc/shadow
Error logs /var/adm/ras/errpt /var/adm/messages /var/log/messages
Group files /etc/group /etc/security/group /etc/group /etc/gshadow
Secure login /etc/security/user etc/securetty
DNS/etc/resolv.conf /etc/netsvc.conf /etc/resolv.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf
Hosts file/etc/hosts/etc/hosts
Device filesODM at /etc/objrepos/dev
File systems/etc/filesystems/etc/fstab
Networking ODM database at /etc/objrepos /etc/sysconfig/network (SUSE) /etc/sysconfig/network (Redhat) /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/if* (Redhat)
NFS exports /etc/exports/etc/exports
System environment /etc/environment /etc/profile /etc/bash.bashrc
Common User-related /etc/security/user/etc/default/useradd
New user profile/etc/.profile/etc/skel/*.*

 Specific Commands

Listing physical volumes (PV)lspvpvdisplay
List partitions in a disklspv -l <disk>fdisk -l <disk>
List volume groups (VG)lsvgvgdisplay
Create volume groupmkvgvgcreate
Remove volume grouprmvgvgremove
Add a PV to VGextendvgvgextend
Remove a VG definitionexportvgvgexport
Remove a PV from VGreducevgvgreduce
Import VGimportvgvgimport
Activate VGvaryonvgvgchange
List logical volume (LV)lslvlvdisplay
Create LVmklvlvcreate
Grow filesystems with LVchfsresize_reiserfs and resize2fs
Shrink filesystemchfsresize_reiserfs and resize2fs
Paging/Swaplsps -aprocinfo cat /proc/swaps
OS leveloslevel uname -a cat /etc/SuSE-release cat /etc/redhat-release
Run levelwho -rrunlevel
Performancevmstat, ps, sar, topas, and nmonvmstat, ps, sar, top,  and nmon (if installed)
List installed filesetslslpp -lrpm -qa
Which fileset a file is inwhich_fileset <name>rpm -qf <path/name>
Verify installed filesetslppchk -vrpm -V <package>
List files in a fileset/packagelslpp -f <fileset>rpm -ql <package>
List running kernel modulesgenkexlsmod
Insert moduleN/A (dynamic)insmod and modprobe
Unload modulesN/A (dynamic)rmmod and modprobe
List memory installedbootinfo -rfree, procinfo, and cat /proc/meminfo
Create usersmksueruseradd
Change user detailschuserusermod and chage
Delete usersrmuseruserdel
Create groupsmkgrpgroupadd
Change group detailschgrpgroupmod
Delete grouprmgrpgroupdel
Install softwareinstallp, smitty install, rpm, and geninstallrpm -iv, yast -i, yast2 and yum install
Update softwaresmitty update_all, installp, and rpmrpm -Uv, yast2 and yum
Remove softwaresmit install, and rpmrpm -e, yast2 and yum
IP configurationsmitty tcpipyast2 network (SUSE) /etc/network/sysconfig/network-scripts (Redhat)
IP aliasifconfig en# alias <IP>ifconfig eth#:1<IP>
Network interfacesnetstat -inifconfig
Network routesnetstat -rnnetstat -rn, route
staticroutessmitty route/etc/sysconfig/routes (SUSE) /etc/network/sysconfig/network-scripts (Redhat)
Network optionsno -asysctl -a
Error logserrpt and alogsyslog, evlog, tail /var/log/messages and dmesg
Start daemonsstartsrc -s (SRC Controlled)rc.svc_name start, chkconfig,
service <name> start
Stop daemonsstopsrc -src.svc_name stop, chkconfig,
service <name> stop
Refresh daemonsrefresh -prc.svc_name restart,
service <name> restart
Shutdown haltshutdown -hshutdown -h
Fast rebootshutdown -Frshutdown -r now
System dumpsysdumpdev -lN/A
Kernel tuningvmo (virtual memory)
schedo (scheduler)
no (network)
Change kernelChange link in /usr/lib/boot/unix_*Change in /etc/yaboot.conf
Boot imagebosbootlilo (SUSE)
Change bootlistbootlistN/A
System boot messagesalogdmesg



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