I would write on 7 habits before writing this article, but I thought it would be better if I wrote it under 3 headings.

If you are a system administrator, these habits can take you one step forward in your business life. First of all you have to predict the results of your business well. I mentioned that I will say under 3 main headlines.

  • Backup
  • Master of command line
  • Automation
  1. Backup

If you are a system administrator, you do not want to get caught unprepared when a problem arises with your system. So you should be sure that everything is taken from you before you start a job. You should check the consistency of this backup afterwards.

If there is no backup mechanism in any system, you should plan it immediately.This system can be linux, aix or even a switch. It depends entirely on what systems you are working with.This habit can save your life one day.

you can take steps according to the answers of the following questions when you are planning.

  • how often I will backup?
  • Will I fix my problem when I return the backup?
  • do you have enough disk space for this backup?
  • what software you will use for backup?
  • is full backup or incremental backup needed for you?

if your main system does not have a backup right now, stop reading this article right now and go to work.Go!I check the consistency of daily backups. You have to do it. If there is a problem, if your system is not open, it is a bit difficult to go back.If you are the system administrator, this is your number 1 gold rule.

2.Master of command line

As much as possible,use the command line. Be sure to investigate what is going on in the bottom layer.I am curious to know how to run a command at the bottom of every job I run through the interface.if you are a Linux unix sysadmin, you should use the command line.

3. Automation

Automation has become the necessity of our work now. With the open-source world and cloud world, our work has become even easier. Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Salt comes first in automation software.You can do end-to-end automation of your workflow.

There is a proverb.
Lazy admin is the best admin.

Keep track of innovations and research.Join events and learn new things.Best Lucks.Do not hesitate to write your comments.



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