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View mksysb content & restore individual files

To view information about a mksysb backup file use: Display info about VG...

List files in mksysb backup

List files in mksysb backup listvgbackup -f /mksysb_image_file_name

NIM mksysb image – Exclude Files

Maybe your mksysb image is too large.For this reason you want to exclude some files. You should do this steps 1) On the client create a...

AIX System Backup

Doing a mksysb is an important sys admin task. If you get a rootvg disk failure and you aren't mirrored up, you'll need to...

Create a mksysb backup using NIM

If you want to create a mysysb backup using NIM(Network Installiation Manager) , you can do below steps. # chuser fsize=-1...

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