NIM boot crash – 888-102-700-0c5.


Could be a problem with /etc/exports on NIM master. Permissions on /etc/exports should be 644. Perform these steps on the NIM master:

– Reset the NIM client:


# nim -Fo reset <client>

# nim -o deallocate -a subclass=all <client>


– Recreate the /etc/exports file:

# cd /etc

# cp exports

# exportfs -ua

# vi /etc/exports  ==> remove unwanted entries.


– Cleanup and restart NFS daemons.

# stopsrc -g nfs

# rm -rf sm sm.bak state rmtab xtab

# startsrc -g nfs

# exportfs -va


– Retry the NIM install.

# smit nim_bosinst


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