Podman Cheat Sheet


List local Images

podman images

Log in to a remote registry

podman login RegistryURL -u user -p password

Pull an image from a remote registry

podman pull registry.redhat.io/rhel8/httpd-24

Run a container with Podman

podman run -dti -p 80:80 -v /nfs:/var/www/html registry.redhat.io/rhel8/httpd-24

List the running containers

podman ps

Execute a command in a running container

podman exec -it containerid /bin/bash

Display the logs of a container

podman logs containerid

Save an image

podman save -o /path containerid

Load an image

podman load -i /path

Start an existing container

podman start containerid

Stop an existing container

podman stop containerid

Restart an existing container

podman restart containerid

Remove a container

podman rm containerid

Remove a container image

podman rmi containerimages

Podman version

podman version

Log out

podman logout


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