The major number for VG emrevg is not the same on all nodes


Yesterday,I wanted to migrate our production system on Power7 to Power8 machine.I installed PowerHa installation before.I exported vg and imported two our PowerHa(System Mirror) cluster nodes.It hasnt got any problem this step.But when I added my emrevg to Resource group and tried to verify our cluster,I got an error.Verification was failed.

importvg -y emrevg hdisk2
cd /var/hacmp/clverify

vi clverify.log
Verifying participating nodes for resource group 'Emre_RG' have volume group emrevg
emre_cls1 PASS

Major numbers match PASS

emre_cls2 PASS

Major numbers match FAIL

ERROR: The major number for VG emrevg is not the same on all nodes.

I searched on Internet and Find some forum posts.

I exported vg on two nodes.

l ran this command.

root@emre_cls1:/var/hacmp/clverify # lvlstmajor 

I cant use this number but I can use 42,43 etc.I used this command on two nodes.And verify successfully.

importvg -V 42 -y  emrevg hdisk2

Maybe you will encounter this problem.Its really helpfull.




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