While working with Spectrum Protect,maybe you get below error:

ACO5091E: PASSWORDACCESS is Generate. Either the stored password is incorrect or there is no stored password. If you do not have a stored password, use the -TSMPassword=xxx option to set and store your password.


Three things to try, in order:

1) Update the password with Tivoli Data Protection for SQL:

tdpsqlc <command> -tsmpassword=<passwd>

2) If (1) fails to resolve the errors, then update the node password on the Tivoli Storage Manager Server, then update the password from Tivoli Data Protection for SQL.

  • From the Tivoli Storage Manager server:

update node <sql node> <passwd>

  • From the SQL system:

tdpsqlc changetsmpassword <oldpasswd> <passwd> <passwd>

3) If (1) and (2) fail to resolve the errors, then try updating the password from the SQL system using dsmcutil. From the SQL system, cd C:\Program Files\tivoli\tsm\baclient, and run:
dsmcutil updatepw /node:<sql node> /passwd:<passwd>


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