Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD) Ultimate Guide


If you want to achieve Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD) certificate,this article is a guide for your success.

Exam Tips and Tricks

  • Exam price 300 $
  • Exam Environment: Kubernetes 1.14
  • 2 hour long- If you havent got enough practice,it may be difficult
  • 19 questions
  • You need one of them (a passport, ID and driver’s license)
  • Questions totally practical not theorical
  • Success Rate 66/100
  • You have to Answer the questions with your terminal.
  • you can use own computer
  • you can schedule and do anywhere
  • Your computer must have a camera and a microphone.
  • During the exam you are asked to share your screen, webcam and microphone, so you are not allowed to look outside the screen and talk to someone.
  • You are likely to be alerted instantly because you are constantly being monitored during the exam
  • There should be nothing on the table except water.
  • You have to use a Chromium-based browser for the exam.
  • You have the right to open 2 tabs. One is the exam screen and one is Kubernetes official document page.
  • You’re prompted to install a plug-in called Innovative Exams ScreenSharings on Chrome. When you follow the checklists, you install them.
  • You should do time management well.
  • You can go back to questions you do not know.
  • They send the result to your e-mail address within 36 hours.
  • Certificate is valid for 3 Years.(Updated )

Exam content as follows:

  • 13% – Core Concepts
  • 18% – Configuration
  • 10% – Multi-Container Pods
  • 18% – Observability
  • 20% – Pod Design
  • 13% – Services & Networking
  • 8% – State Persistence

You can access the exam curriculum on the GitHub page below.


Kubectl CheatSheet :Be sure to check out — you will already use this document page a lot during the exam.


Finally, you should define the following alias. You will see the great benefit 🙂 Adapt to your own.

alias kc=’kubectl’
alias kgp=’kubectl get pods’
alias kgs=’kubectl get svc’
alias kgc=’kubectl get componentstatuses’
alias kctx=’kubectl config current-context’
alias kcon=’kubectl config use-context’
alias kgc=’kubectl config get-context’

Registration Step

You can register via the link below.


%15 Discount Code: DCUBEOFFER

After purchasing the exam, you will be asked to complete the following checklist steps.

Preparing Steps

First of all, besides the materials I have worked on, you can reach the list of trainings and training centers offered by CNCF for this certificate program via the link below.

I will offer 2 trainings in this process.The first of these:

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD) course by Linux Academy


if you are a student you can buy a 3 month Linux Academy membership for $ 80.

second education:

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD) with Practice Tests on Udemy

If you ask me, this course through the practical steps is better than the Linux Academy training.


Last of the course:

Kubernetes The Hard Way by Kelsey HighTower


You can do it easily by creating a Google Cloud account.You should do it at least 3–4 times.

Apart from these trainings, I have read a few books.

  • Kubernetes Up & Running(Kelsey Hightower,Brendan Burns,Joe Beda)
  • Managing Kubernetes(Brendan Burns, Craig Tracey)
  • Kubernetes in the Enterprise (Michael Elder,Jake Kitchener,Dr. Brad Topol)

I have an article about Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA) Ultimate Guide.You can visit my medium blog below link



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