ı encountered a problem yesterday.I have a vmdk for vmware workstation.But I deleted vmware and install oracle virtual box.I have to convert this vmx file.So I downloaded vmware player to convert.Finally I converted. But when I want to import .ova file.I encountered an error

Host resource of type “Other Storage Device (20)” is supported with SATA AHCI controllers only, line 47.

If you get this error, you should edit your ovf file with text editor.

1. replace word “ElementName” with word “Caption” in the whole file
2. replace “vmware.sata.ahci” with “AHCI”

Then I try to import again.But I get an error again 🙂

against the available

If you get this error.Do it ==> remove the .mf file from the directory where the .ovf and .vmdk files are and the import works fine.

Good Luck!




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