How To Setup And Configure Kubernetes Cluster On Google Cloud (GCE)


Google cloud offers its own managed Kubernetes cluster setup using google container engine aka GKE. If you use GKE you can avoid the Kubernetes administrative overhead as it is taken care by Google cloud. You just need to focus on deploying applications on Kubernetes.

Prerequisites: To follow this tutorial, you should have a Google Cloud account and google cloud SDK installed on your system. If you don’t have google cloud SDK installed, you can follow this tutorial for the setup –> Google cloud SDK setup

Setting Up Kubernetes Cluster On Google Cloud

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps for setting up a highly available multi zone kubernetes cluster. Follow the steps given below for the setup.

Step 1: We will launch a multi-zone cluster using the gcloud CLI. The syntax for launching a kubernetes cluster is given below.

In this example, I am spinning up the cluster in asia-east1 region with one instance per zone (total three zones) using g1-small(1.7GB) machine type. The actual command would look like the following.


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