ITDT Usage – IBM TotalStorage Tape Diagnostic Tool


IBM want to run ITDT tool on AIX system.Firstly install ITDT tool on FIX central.Then put the tool on aix system used by ftp.

chmod 700 itdtinst8.0.1.20150217Aix


UnZipSFX 5.50 of 17 February 2002, by Info-ZIP (
IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool, (C) 2004, 2012 IBM Corporation
Please start the program after extraction by running “itdt”
inflating: itdt
inflating: ubv.blz
inflating: license/Lic_cs.txt
inflating: license/Lic_de.txt
inflating: license/Lic_el.txt
inflating: license/Lic_en.txt
inflating: license/Lic_es.txt
inflating: license/Lic_fr.txt
inflating: license/Lic_in.txt
inflating: license/Lic_it.txt
inflating: license/Lic_ja.txt
inflating: license/Lic_ko.txt
inflating: license/Lic_lt.txt
inflating: license/Lic_pl.txt
inflating: license/Lic_pt.txt
inflating: license/Lic_ru.txt
inflating: license/Lic_sl.txt
inflating: license/Lic_tr.txt
inflating: license/Lic_zh_TW.txt
inflating: license/Lic_zh.txt
inflating: license/notices.txt
inflating: readme.txt
inflating: metrocfg.blz




For example we want to full write.Select W




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