HMC 8.8.2 and SP1 installation


I would like to bring to attention installation order of fixes for the HMC firmware 8.8.2. If you  install the fixes in incorrect order, you might loose the RMC connection to all AIX/VIOS hosts.

Last week, I’ve finally decided to migrate the most critical HMC set to the latest firmware together with all required fixes. The upgrade went straight forward. Everything looked good, until I had to perform an emergency LPM, and it didn’t work due to the missing RMC connectivity. Of course, I’ve started the regular RMC recovery, but it didn’t help. Moreover, I’ve noticed that I was missing the RMC to all AIX’s and VIOS’s. At this point I realized that something is seriously wrong.

I tried the HMC command lspartition -dlpar to verify the status. Apparently this command didn’t work, and return the following error:

Can’t start local session rc=2!

The answer is easy


You should install MH01515 and MH01521.After the install, RMC network is running successfully.


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