Kubernetes 1.26 : New Features?


Kubernetes versions are released on a regular basis and each new version includes a variety of new features and improvements. Some of the features that were introduced in Kubernetes 1.26 include:

  • Improved support for Windows containers: Kubernetes 1.26 includes improved support for running Windows containers, including the ability to use the same networking and storage solutions as Linux containers.
  • Enhanced security: Kubernetes 1.26 includes several security enhancements, including support for the OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication protocol and the ability to specify the minimum TLS version for cluster components.
  • Improved network policies: Kubernetes 1.26 includes improvements to the network policy API, including the ability to specify ingress and egress rules for pods and the ability to use labels to specify network policy rules.
  • Enhanced storage capabilities: Kubernetes 1.26 includes several improvements to storage capabilities, including the ability to use persistent volume claims as storage for stateful sets and the ability to specify the minimum and maximum number of replicas for a persistent volume claim.
  • Improved performance: Kubernetes 1.26 includes a number of performance improvements, including enhanced support for large clusters and improvements to the kubelet and kube-proxy components.


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