LPAR2RRD version 4.84 announcement


New version of LPAR2RRD has been just released. It is coming with following enhancements and new features:


  • Support of cluster stats on VMware vCenter 4.1
  • Speed up of back-end processing (parallelization when retrieving data)
  • Many other smaller enhancements and fixes.

IBM Power:

  • OS agent supports Linux generally. It allows to load performance data from any Linux box. All will be placed under “Linux” item in “SERVER” menu.
  • Heatmap: enhanced memory, RED is reported if memory usage is over 90% and paging is over 50kB/sec (in or out).
  • NMON data support in historical reports


  • New filtering implemented for all tables and all their columns include legends on aggregated graphs (point mouse on the shadow strip under each table header)

Consider also OS agent upgarde to 4.84 which is necessary for Linux x86 support.

IBM i (AS/400) OS agent is coming soon.

Our storage performance monitoring tool STOR2RRD is also updated (1.24)
Newly supported storages, SAN devices and features:

  • Hitachi HUS
  • Hitachi AMS 2000
  • HP 3PAR
  • Cisco MDS SAN switches (include VSAN)
  • Cisco Nexus switches
  • Brocade SAN Virtual Fabric is supported



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