AIX 7.1 7100-03 Service Pack 6


Service Packs contain important fixes delivered between Technology Levels. 7100-03-06 is Service Pack 6 for the 7100-03 Technology Level.

AIX 7100-03 Service Pack 6 may be obtained from the Fix packs section of the Fix Central web site, or by ordering APAR IV77187.

  • You must have root authority to perform the installation.
  • Creating a system backup is recommended before starting the installation procedure. Refer to the mksysb command in the AIX 7.1 Commands Reference manual for additional informations
    These tips contain important information that should be reviewed prior to installation.


To install all updates from this package that apply to installed filesets on your system, use the command:

smit update_all

A system reboot is required after the installation completes successfully.

To determine if the 7100-03 Service Pack 6 is installed, use the command:

oslevel -s


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