Remote Upgrade to HMC v7r9.0 using Network Images


– Save Upgrade data to HMC hard disk

saveupgdata -r disk

Note: This operation will mount a filesystem called /mnt/upgrade and

save configuration data then unmount /mnt/upgrade. The Operation should

only take a few moments.

– Download the network install images to the HMC

getupgfiles -h -u anonymous –passwd ftp \

-d /software/server/hmc/network/v7790

Note: The getupgfiles operation will mount a filesystem called /hmcdump

and copy the install files into the directory then unmount the


– Set the HMC to boot from an alternate disk partition

chhmc -c altdiskboot -s enable –mode upgrade

– Reboot the HMC to begin the upgrade

hmcshutdown -r -t now


You can download hmc network images:


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