Setting timeout parameters for ssh session


for removing  the timeout parameter   for ssh connection

clientAliveInterval  900 : means if the session is idle for  900 seconds session  will automatcally  timeout.

step 1 : comment in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file, the following parameter:

# clientAliveInterval 900
# TcpKeepAlive =yes
# ClientAlivecountMax 0

step 2 : and also comment following parameter in /etc/profile

# TMOUT=40

step 3 : stop the ssh services and again start the ssh services.

# stopsrc -s sshd
# startsrc -s sshd

NOTE:  if you are not commenting TMOUT parameter, then the session will timeout if it is idle for 40 min even if you have commented the mentioned the parameters in sshd_config file.

for setting the timeout parameter to 10 minutes  for ssh connection

step 1: comment the TMOUT parameter in /etc/profile.
step 2: set the “clientAliveInterval 600” means session will timeout if idle for 10 min.
step 3: stop ths sshd services using “stopsrc -s sshd”
step 4: start the sshd services using “startsrc -s sshd”


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