Stor2rrd – Hitachi VSP integration


For long time, I want to integrate my VSP to Stor2rrd.Finally they have supported new released.First you have to download

  • Command Control Interface (CCI)
  • Hitachi Export tool

Firstly,log in support hds portal.

For Command Control Interface,Click “Products Downloads “

For Hitachi Export Tool,Click “Products Downloads “

Lets Install..

loopmount -i  HS042_77.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt

root@*****:/mnt>mkdir /etc/HORCM
 ******************* Confirmation for Version Up of the HORCM.********************
 Please confirms whether HORCM has performing or not.
 If HORCM has performing then stop by using and please try again.
 - In case of 1 instance configuration of HORCM
 - In case of multiple instances configuration of HORCM
 # 0 1 ...
 Also If HORC commands has performing in the interactive mode
 then terminates these commands by using -q option.
 Please choose from the following for Version Up of the HORCM.
 For install to the same directory -> please enter 'return key' for installs to '/opt'.
 For preserve to another directory -> please enter a 'directory'.
 For cancel -> please enter 'exit'.
 cpio -idmu < /mnt/AIX/RMHORC
 34183 blocks
 The following model was preserved to '/etc/HORCM/HORCM' under.
 When you have to uninstall of the HORCM,please executes the following RMuninst command.
 Also you have to execute 'Changing option of RMuninst' when you will be changing to this new version.
 [ Model : RAID-Manager/AIX Ver&Rev: 01-39-03/04 ]
 .uds RMinstsh RMuninst etc log log0 log1 usr

Execute the CCI installation command

 You have mail in /usr/spool/mail/root

root@******:/etc/HORCM/HORCM>raidqry -h
 Model : RAID-Manager/AIX
 Ver&Rev: 01-35-03/05
 Usage : raidqry [options] for HORC
 -h Help/Usage
 -I[#] Set to HORCMINST#
 -IH[#] or -ITC[#] Set to HORC mode [and HORCMINST#]
 -IM[#] or -ISI[#] Set to MRCF mode [and HORCMINST#]
 -z Set to the interactive mode
 -zx Set to the interactive mode and HORCM monitoring
 -q Quit(Return to main())
 -g Specify for getting all group name on local
 -l Specify the local query
 -r <group> Specify the remote query
 -f Specify display for floatable host

Under root,everything is executable and writeable by stor2rrd user:

root@****:/etc/HORCM/HORCM/etc>touch USE_OLD_IOCT

root@****:/etc/HORCM/HORCM>chown -R stor2rrd log* .uds usr

root@****:/etc/HORCM/HORCM>chmod 755 usr/bin usr/bin* etc/horcmgr etc/*conf .uds/ .uds/*

Configuration of CCI

use your storage node ip

root@****:/etc>vi /etc/horcm1.conf

 # ip_address service poll(10ms) timeout(10ms)
 localhost 11001 1000 3000
 # dev_name dev_name dev_name

If you have got second storage,you can use horcm2.conf file.

root@****:/etc>su - stor2rrd

stor2rrd@****:/etc>/HORCM/usr/bin/ 1
 starting HORCM inst 1
 HORCM inst 1 starts successfully.
 stor2rrd@****:/etc>ps -aef |grep horc
 stor2rrd 14942262 1 0 15:43:37 - 0:00 horcmd_01

starts HORM instance 1

stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd>su - stor2rrd -c "/HORCM/usr/bin/ 1"

Installation of Hitachi Export Tool

root@****:/home/root>gunzip CT7006440001m267.7z

root@****:/home/root>tar -xvf CT7006440001m267.tar
 x CT7006440001m267
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/java.policy, 55 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/JSanCLI.jar, 420758 bytes, 822 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/Readme.txt, 699 bytes, 2 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/RsdRmiSSLkey, 1253 bytes, 3 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/cflchk.bat, 132 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/, 142 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/cflget.bat, 132 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/, 142 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/cflset.bat, 132 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/, 142 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/mkatfile.bat, 90 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/, 89 bytes, 1 media blocks.
 x CT7006440001m267/CFLCLItool/sample/sample.txt, 880 bytes, 2 media blocks.

stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd>raidcom -login $login $paswd -I1
 User for Serial#[****] : user
 Password :
 stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd>raidqry -l -I1
 No Group Hostname HORCM_ver Uid Serial# Micro_ver Cache(MB)
 1 --- Lparname 01-35-03/05 0 SERIAL 70-06-42/00 208896

stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd>raidcom -logout -I1
 raidcom : User on Serial#(97302) was removed.

root@****:/home/root/CT7006440001m267>mkdir /opt/hds
 root@****:/home/root/CT7006440001m267>mkdir /opt/hds/70-06-42

cd /opt/hds/70-06-42

tar xvf export-tool.tar

chown -R stor2rrd /opt/hds

Storage Configuration

Configure Export Tool installation directory

root@****:/opt/hds/70-06-42>vi /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/etc/sto2rrd.cfg

Create user stor2rrd on the storage, read only access

Login your VSP Storage.Firsty, you should create user group.

Then,Create a monitor user.

Encrypt password used for storage access

stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd>cd stor2rrd
 stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd>perl ./bin/

Encode password for storage authentication:

Enter password:
 Re-enter password:

Copy the following string to the password field of the corresponding line in etc/storage-list.cfg:


stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd>vi etc/storage-list.cfg

add this line


Install Java 8

Test the storage connectivity under stor2rrd user:

root@****:/mnt/AIX/Freeware/java>su - stor2rrd
 stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd>cd stor2rrd

 Export tool start [Version 70-06-31/00]
 command file = /opt/hds/hds_test/command.txt
 [ 1] svpip yourip ; Specifies IP adress of SVP
 [ 2] login User = [stor2rrd], Passwd = [****************]

[SVP Version] 70-06-28/00
 [ExportTool version] 70-06-31/00
 [ 3] show ; output storing period
 Monitoring time range
 Short Range From : 2017/02/14 15:37 - To : 2017/02/15 15:37 Interval : 1min.
 Long Range From : 2016/11/15 00:00 - To : 2017/02/15 15:15 Interval : 15min.
 [ 4] group Port ; Port usage
 [ 5] shortrange -0001:
 shortrange [2017/02/15 15:36:00]:[2017/02/15 15:37:00], count = 1
 [ 6] outpath "/opt/hds/hds_test/performance" ; specifies the sub-directory in which files will be saved
 [ 7] option nocompress
 [ 8] apply
 Start gathering port data
 Target = 32, Total = 32
 End gathering port data
 Start gathering Initiator port data
 Target = 0, Total = 0
 End gathering Initiator port data
 Export tool end
 raidcom : User on Serial#(your serial) was removed.
 connection ok

Schedule to run storage agent from stor2rrd crontab

crontab -e

# Hitachi VSP-G 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/ > /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/load_vspgperf.out
 Let run the storage agent for 15 - 20 minutes to get data, then:
$stor2rrd@****:/home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd>cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd
 start time san : Wed Feb 15 16:39:14 +03 2017
 STOR2RRD free version 1.30
 Alarm : 3600
 RRDTool version: 1.4008
 Switches found : 5
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_in:d
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_in:w
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_in:m
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_in:y
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_in_trend:y
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_out:d
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_out:w
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_out:m
 creating graph : Totals:Data:san_data_sum_tot_out:y

Go to the web GUI: http://<your web server>/stor2rrd/
Use Ctrl-F5 to refresh the web browser cache.


  1. Hello,

    I am using hitachi command suite for administration after running ./bin/
    I get this error

    VSPG Error: command failed: raidcom -login stor2rrd hello12345 -I2
    connection failed!!


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