[EX_ENLDEV] No such LDEV within the RAID


I am using flashcopy on pre-prod lpars on  Hitachi VSP Disk systems.I changed hardware after that when I want to create a pair with flashcopy,I got this error.

[EX_ENLDEV] No such LDEV within the RAID

Refer to the command log(/HORCM/log/horcc_nodename.log) for details.

[Cause ]:A device mentioned in the configuration file doesn’t have a mapping to a real Lun and Target ID within the RAID.
[Action]:Please confirm if the description of ‘Port,Target ID,Lun’ under HORCM_DEV in the configuration file is correct.


I ran this command.and I found on Hitachi blogs.

raidscan -IM0 -p CL1-B

raidscan -IM0 -p CL1-C

raidscan -IM0 -p CL2-B

raidscan -IM0 -p CL2-C

Scans all luns mapped to port CL1-B,CL1-C,CL2-C,CL2-B that are in a SI/COW relationship.After that you should stop and start horcm services.

horcmshutdown.sh 0 1

horcmstart.sh 0 1


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