What’s the new Kubernetes 1.24 – Stargazer?


The first release of 2022: Kubernetes 1.24 – Stargazer has been released. This release brings 46 enhancements . Let’s lookup major themes.

Dockershim Removed from kubelet

The dockershim component has been removed from the kubelet in Kubernetes v1.24. You should choose and use new-generation container runtime. For example, containerd , cri-o.

Beta APIs Off by Default

New beta APIs will not be enabled in clusters by default

Signing of Kubernetes artifacts

Kubernetes artifacts will be signed with CoSign.

OpenAPI v3
Storage Capacity and Volume Expansion Are Generally Available
Dynamic Kubelet Configuration is Removed from the Kubelet
Kubelet Credential Provider Graduates to Beta

These are the most important features of Kubernetes 1.24 – Stargazer. If you want to learn more , you can check below website.



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