tftpd service problem

I had a problem with tftpd service.So It doesnt start.

# startsrc -s tftpd
0513-015 The tftpd Subsystem could not be started.
Please check subsystem resources and try again later.


# ls -l /usr/sbin/tftpd 
———-    1 root     system       172980 Sep 11 2012  /usr/sbin/tftpd

# chmod 555 /usr/sbin/tftpd                             <–give more permission

# startsrc -s tftpd 
0513-059 The tftpd Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 1618342343

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I live in Istanbul/TURKEY and working with Anadolubank.,I am Unix & Backup & Storage Admin in this company. My responsibilities are IBM Power Hardware(E850,P780,P770, etc.),IBM AIX,Tivoli Storage Manager,IBM Tape Libraries,Hitachi VSP and IBM DS8100 Storage.

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