If you want to delete specific volume content on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, you will do this steps;

  • Firstly you should query volume;

tsm: TSM>q content K00011M4
Node Name           Type     Filespace      FSID     Client’s Name for File
—————     —-     ———-     —-     ————————————–
AhmetPC              Bkup     /specialfolder  10     /specialfolder/ahmet.txt
EmrePC               Bkup     /specificfolder 10     /specificfolder/emre.txt

  • Then delete command;

tsm: TSM>delete volume K00011M4 discarddata=yes
ANR2221W This command will result in the deletion of all inventory references to the data on volume K00011M4, thereby rendering the
data unrecoverable.


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