How to zone a Brocade SAN switch in command line base?


How to zone a Brocade SAN switch in command line base?
Here are the basics to add a new device to a Brocade SAN fabric. working with a Brocade DCX switch. In this scenario, there is a new server come with 2 HBA card that going to attach to the SAN switches.

HBA – Host Bus Adapter, HBA card is the device that connects the servers to a Storage Area Networks (SAN) via Fibre Channel.

WWN – World Wide Name, a unique 8-byte number identifying the HBA. Each WWN is an 8-byte number derived from an IEEE OUI (for the first 3 bytes) and vendor-supplied information.

FC Zone – Fibre Channel Zone, a partitioned subset of the fabric. Members of a zone are allowed to communicate with each other, but devices are not allowed to communicate across zones.

Steps to Zone Brocade Switch

1.Plug in the FC Connector into an open port on the switch.
2.Login to the server and verify the HBA connection. It should see the switch but not the storage device.
3.Check the Brocade Switch Port. To do so, telnet to the brocade switches and login as user admin.
switch 1 – fabric A (SWITCH_1)
switch 2 – fabric B (SWITCH_2)

Create aliases for the hosts HBA’s on each switch
switch_1> alicreate ” HOSTNAME01_HBA_0″,”10:00:00:c9:69:3d:53″
switch_2> alicreate ” HOSTNAME01_HBA_1″,”10:00:00:c9:69:ae:4e”

Tips: Do a switchshow to capture the WWN before start the aliases creation.

4.Create the storage zones using the aliases on each switch
switch_1> zonecreate “Z_HOSTNAME01_A”, “HOSTNAME01_HBA_0”
switch_2> zonecreate “Z_HOSTNAME01_B”, “HOSTNAME01_HBA_1”

Check the configuration
switch_1> zoneshow Z_HOSTNAME01_A
switch_2> zoneshow Z_HOST01_B

5.Add the zones to the fabrics on each switch
switch_1> cfgshow SWITCH_A
switch_1> cfgadd “SWITCH_A”,”Z_ HOSTNAME01_A”
switch_1> cfgsave
switch_1> cfgenable SWITCH_A

Check the configuration
switch_1> zoneshow
switch_2> cfgshow SWITCH_B
switch_2> cfgadd ” SWITCH_B”,”Z_ HOSTNAME01_B”
switch_2> cfgsave
switch_2> cfgenable SWITCH_A

Check the configuration
switch_2> zoneshow

6.Login back in to the server to verify. It should now see the storage devices


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